Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hardcore Review Has Moved!

The Hardcore Review has moved! I know it's shocking. And I am sure you guys have wondered since about November of last year, where's my dose of profanity laden, drunkeness of a review based on moments in wrestling history. Well, my friends, it has found a new home at Comic Book Therapy. It has been toned down a bit to reflect a PG-13 type rating, although the drinking has NOT stopped. Neither have the moments of wrestling history used to grade the comics and movies I have been reviewing. So I hope you head on over and check out the periodic review updates. While you're there, check out all things comic book related at Comic Book Therapy. There's comics, movies, video games, toys. They have it all. Not to mention some really good interviews. I also write AHB updates, interviews and the occasional Hardcore Rant! The first one was about Rob Liefeld and it got pretty heated when a fanboy with no taste began blasting me and in his words, "those who cannot do." I was like fuck you dude, least my comic has never been cancelled. So check it out. Have some laughs and find out my take on whatever the hell I'm reviewing that day.

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