Monday, November 30, 2009

Ideas are common place, but this is a good one

Today I came up with a good idea to add to the graphic novel, Fuzzyface. I decided, that doing a running commentary/conversation with Venus of Necro in the back pages of the GN would make for an interesting DVD-like extra. I messaged her about it and asked if she were up to it. She said it sounded like a good idea and that she would be willing to participate.
Basically I was thinking that how we would do this is by having the conversation or commentary via IM. I am unsure otherwise how to do this, except maybe to do it as a podcast and then just transcribe the whole thing. If we do it via IM, then she has to have a copy of the rough layouts in front of her at the time. My guess is we could also try this at a place with wifi. It's kinda cheating but then we can both be looking at the same things. This will eventually be reformated and edited to fit with the layout pages in the back of the GN. Plus, I was thinking that in addition to this, there would be pinups for the GN done by myself and other local and nonlocal artists. I have lined up a few friends, as well as Erik Arreaga. 49 Guy from the He's an amazing artist, and during Cactus Con this past year, he asked me about Agnew and what he was. He also drew the piece that is on the backs of most of the current printings of Youth in Asia single issues. I tagged him for it and he says he would be up for it. So, here we go!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 7

So last Friday I finished (finally) the layouts for Fuzzyface. The book is set to be 53 pages long. I know fucking crazy not only is it an odd number, but it's also a prime number. And don't ask me how I remember that either. But it's going to be 53 pages, all in one graphic novel. And Saturday night I got back to work on the interior artwork for the book. I finished page 18 and then last night I got most of 19 done too. So I am technically 1/3 finished with the interiors. And this book is looking sweet. We're into the meat of the story. Nobody has died, yet. But we are coming close. And it's gonna get messy.
I am having a ball drawing this, and I am super glad I went back and finished the layouts, cause I make a lot more progress, and waste a lot less time when I am doing the finished artwork if I have already done some draftsmanship on the pages where editing and visuals are concerned. I know the readers are going to be very happy with this project. Both visually and story wise. Cause Venus did a fabulous job crafting this tale.
I plan for the book to be in print by the first quarter of 2010. I am looking for some of my artist friends to do some pinups for the book. I would also like to get a write up about it, which would mean I would have to do a prerelease for press and other pros, so I can use their quotes for promos.
Simon Bisley offered to do a pinup of Agnew for me. Maybe I can talk him into doing one so I can use it with the book. I'll get on that today.
So, progress and art are back on track. The book is still looking fabulous and I am still rolling along at a good pace. Fuzzyface means business.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

slowly but surely AHB is taking OVER!

Those of you who have frequented the Safehouse Espresso BAr in Tucson, AZ might have noticed that in their display case are copies of the Youth in Asia trade as well as issues 4 and 5 ANNNNNND volumes one and two of Got Crayons? Well, I am happy to report that Got Crayons? is selling pretty well here, and now you can get a FREE box of crayons with your purchase of Got Crayons? one or two.
It's a great coloring book, and has been doing well since its printing back in October.
Anti-Hero Brand Press is reaching far and wide. Now we're in three states and four cities. It is all because of the fans and these amazingly awesome businesses that believe in us and supporting small press comics.
Here is where you can get copies of Anti-Hero Brand Press' comics:

In Tucson
Safehouse E Bar
4024 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712-4520
(520) 318-3090

Charlies Comics
5445 E 22nd St
Tucson, AZ 85711-5405
(520) 320-0279

Fantasy Comics
2595 N 1st Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 670-0100

Toxic Ranch Records
424 E 6th St
Tucson, AZ 85705-8552
(520) 623-2008

In Phoenix:
Samurai Comics
5024 N 7th St,
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 265-8886
10720 W Indian School Rd #61,
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 872-8886

Atomic Comics

1120 South Country Club #105
Mesa, AZ 85210

(480) 649-0807


2815 West Peoria #112
Phoenix, AZ 85029

(602) 395-1066


3155 West Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226

(480) 940-6061


12621 N. Tatum
Phoenix, AZ 85032

(602) 923-0733

In Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Lobo Anime & Comics

1016 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
suite D, Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 332-0499

Comics Warehouse

9617 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque -
(505) 293-3065


2116 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque -
(505) 242-6170

IN San Francisco, CA

Isotope Comic Book Lounge
326 Fell St. (@ Gough)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Please visit and shop at these awesome businesses that support local artists and small press comics. Remember to thank them for supporting Anti-Hero Brand Press.

Thank You,

Recommended comic book reading list!

Teenagers from Mars.... after a series of grave robberies stemming to fuel a burgeoning comic book habit, the town of Mars enacts prohibition on comics. Enter Macon and his punk beauty queen Madison on an expedition to free Mars from itself in an ode to Natural Born Killers

The Dark Knight Returns.....a dreadful futurish turn lures Bruce Wayne to don the cape and cowl after a ten year retirement from crime fighting to save Gotham from the clutches of reemerging rogues and the new threat of the Mutants

Bone.... A terrific fantasy tale involving three exiled cousins from Boneville due to the meddling and scheming mind of Phoney the resident con artist. The three stumble onto the path of Thorn who is destined to become a powerful magical princess who must then fight the impending invasion of the terrible stupid stupid rat creatures.

SCUD The Disposable Assassin
..... A robotic assassin wishing to live, keeps his primary target on life support while taking various hit jobs for the mob in order to pay the medical bills

Bomb Queen: WMD
... The woman of mass destruction despotic ruler of New Port City commands respect with an iron fist. This villain centric tale involves pretty much every vile and despicable act ushered unto humanity with hilarious results and great tongue in cheek humor.

Sin City (series)... Crime noir complete with femme fatales has never been this good. Frank Miller's creation spawned several other yarns, as Basin City's behemoth, Marv ends up in bed with a dead prostitute and the cops already on the scene. Marv has got to use all of guts and brute strength to defeat the man who's behind Goldie's death. The original insanely paced story of boy meets girl, girl gets killed, boy vows revenge, all hell breaks loose.

Watchmen... It's the book that all who follow have tried to measure up to. It's taught in collegees around the country. The Keene Act has outlawed costumed adventurers. Guess somebody didn't tell whoever murdered The Comedian. With a cavalcade of new characters, this epic spins like these characters had been around for decades. With the world on the verge of nuclear war, several underlying conspiracies, mixed with government intrigue and two side stories that run neck and neck with Moore's opus.

Ultimate Spider-Man... Marvel Comic's icon gets revamped for the new millennium. Peter Parker is a high school science geek who's got a thing for the redhead next door. Through coincidence, or maybe destiny, a genetically altered species of spider bites young Parker imbuing him with the proportionate stregth, speed and agility of a spider. Plus he gets a little extra upgrade with "spidey sense." The rest of the story unravels in a new and updated way, including the wrestling origins and early web slinging actions of The Ultimate Spider-Man.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casting Call: Youth in Asia the movie

Nash; Me
Kyle; Fairuza Balk or P!NK
Grrry; Gina Carano or Michelle Rodriguez
Em; Natalie Portman
Agnew (voice); Matt Stagi/Staggz possibly just jibberish
Jane; Rachel Leigh Cook
Kevin; Jason Acuna/Wee Man
Cain; Andrew Bryniarski or Kane Hodder
Ragedy Ann; Laurie Holden
Ragedy Andy; Ray Park


Well it's been a number of hours since the cops were let loose on the Hardcore Comic Book Icon. And I still can't fucking believe it. This one is definitely opening the autobiography that I will someday write. Hilarity ensued when the police were called on a guy who has an FBI fingerprint clearance card. Man if that douchebag costs me my job, I swear to fucking Christ I will punch you in the face, when I find out who you are.
The cops were surprisingly cool about the whole thing too. Which was nice, cause if they had be douchebags I don't think I would be here right now. Cause I can be a real smart ass at times.
I just don't understand the love of this fucking book series. I mean its about vampires that can walk around in daylight and werewolves that don't require a full moon to transform. And as I understand it, the eroticism stops just short of erotic. Plus, the whole concept of a lead heroine who is a complete and utter clueless bitch and has no concept of choosing for herself strikes me as really poor story telling. Why, why would you think this ok to tell a story like this? This is why Mormons should never write erotic horror. That's like a fucking Amish snuff film.
Write something good or don't write anything at all. And I am sure people are gonna be like, "it's good teen fiction." No, Judy Blume is good teen fiction. Lindsay Lohan movies are good teen fiction. The fucking Passion of the Christ is good teen fiction. But sparkly vampires who also look scarily close to pedophiles is NOT GOOD TEEN FICTION! If it was good teen fiction it would be called Coraline!

Twilight is the new form of death

I just got a visit from Tucson Police, no joke, at my front door for an update I made about randomly shooting up a theatre crowded with Twilight fans. That part was a joke. This is getting seriously fucked up people. To where someone can't make a joke about how much pop culture sucks in this world and people can't take it all seriously. Honestly terrorism is something that has existed since before September 11, 2001. Look at Waco Texas, look at Oklahoma City. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for not being able to take a fucking joke anymore.
Freedom of speech and free expression is now suffering because people no longer have a sense of humor. Or maybe it's because people really like Twilight. Either way it's a bad thing. For fuck's sake, why can't people just fucking let shit go sometimes. I have had actual physical threats on my well being before and I didn't call the cops. Seriously in high school, junior high and afterward. Just smarten up a little here America. If I can't make obviously humorous threats against pop culture and the idiots who adore it then man maybe this isn't the "land of the free" anymore. But then again it was built by slaves and upon lies so I guess it never was.
Well, I guess this will be the first of many times the cops are called for the Hardcore Comic Book Icon

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fuzzyface. a masterpiece of horromedy

So I have foregone working on the interior artwork for Fuzzyface; The Agnew Chainsaw Massacre for a bit. The reason being is that I had yet to plot the second half of the graphic novel. Venus of Necro wrote an amazing tale filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of stuffing flying, so in order to get this done properly I had to stop for a few days and finish the plots. Which for me is essentially doing rough layouts. I consider it plotting in my book, and it's my blog so I'll call it whatever the hell I want.
With the use so far, I had not had any splash pages in the story. But for the last few sit downs, I have figured a few good places for them. The one I did last night looks really good. It's been so hard to make stuffed animal-like characters alive and believable. I am so used to drawing people. However I have been encouraged with the work. And I am having a lot of fun working on this project. I can't wait until it is finished just so I can see it completed and see how much people enjoy it. My friend, Mike even said from the teaser piece of artwork I showed him at Tucson Comic-Con looked like this was going to be the best work I had done yet. It's just such a different story that I feel really free when working on it. I just blaze through pages when I work on them and it feels really organic how I interpret Venus' story.
I have not shown anyone other than Venus the artwork. Not even the page layouts. Cause I want this to be as big of a surprise for people , who are used to my style on Youth in Asia. I look forward to getting the layouts done so I can get back to working on the penciled pages. Look for Fuzzyface in the first quarter of next year. I will be submitting it to all the comic book shops and venues that are currently selling Anti-Hero Brand comics.