Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fuzzyface "The final production notes" Pt. 15

SO last night while at work I finished the pencils for Fuzzyface. But a few people think I should ink the pages. It's 54 pages, and it took me serious time to do. I realize it would take less time to ink than it did to pencil, but I want to have this ready to go for Phoenix Con, which is in May. I know I could ink it in time, but I wanted to get review copies out in advance of the actual release in late May. Now I don't know, cause I think I could do some pretty great stuff in inking the book. I have some thinking to do on this, but I can't really waste any time.
A lot of personal things have been going on. Things I thought were positive and in actuality they were and maybe still are. These things have spurred on my creativity and my work ethic. I have to look into that and make it all work for me in the long run.
So, to let you know, the pencils are DONE!... and the thought process on the inks begins in earnest.
I know the fans and people waiting for this project are going to be pleased with the result. Also, I am still awaiting pinups from some artists. Inked or naked, either way... "Fuzzyface is gonna kill you!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 14

This is gonna be one of the final production notes for Fuzzyface. I believe I will put all of the production notes in as extras for the graphic novel.
Page 50 was finished on Sunday morning while at work. I am truly happy with the way the final pages are unfolding. The detail is on and I am following and embellishing on the rough layouts that I did. I still need to meet with Venus to talk about final production extras. I also need to meet with Henry Barajas who is set to write the intro for the book.
These final pages are closing out the story and giving a little something more than "just" the Muppets meet Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And while people may not understand the method to my madness, there is only one song in the script. And it's kind of a back ground thing.
The thing people need to remember is that this is a sincere tribute to Jim Henson, who helped make my childhood memorable and a happy thing to remember. His work on projects from The Muppet movies to Muppet Babies, which helped me realize imagination is a powerfully good thing, and one of my all time favorite movies in Return to Oz, starring my favorite actress Fairuza Balk. Return to Oz even inspired me to take about six months to design and then get a tattoo to commemorate my imagination. Henson was light years ahead of his time, and in my very not humble estimation, a freaking God. I do not anoint Godhood to just anyone. I mean not even Stan Lee has achieved Godhood in my book. But that has a lot to do with ego and politics.
The second homage being paid here is to horror master, Tobe Hooper. His vision in TCM has inspired two tattoos and the basis for Fuzzyface as the protagonist. And if you truly wonder if the "heavy" in this book is really a protagonist, then you probably don't know much about the rules of horror movies, and you obviously don't understand the compelling nature of Agnew.
The final homage is to Mary Shelly, the creator of Frankenstein. I will leave it at that, cause I don't want to give away the ending to this book, suffice it to say, it pays tribute to this amazing piece of literature.
I have also solicited reviews for Fuzzyface, from an online cohort, Nilskidoo, who has a blog here as well as the comic book reviewer, Mark Miller on So keep us in mind as I am also hitting up a local shop owner to review the book, as well as possibly Wita, from the Girls Entertainment Network here
I am still awaiting pinups from some area artists, and have simply FOUR pages left for the story. This is John Chihak, counting down to page 54...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 13

On towards the final pages of Fuzzyface, I am still cranking out art. This project hasn't broken me quite yet. Tonight I finished page 46 and moved onto half of 47. The little extras thrown into the background of page 46 should make some people very happy. Or at least make then laugh a little. One was on request from a few people as to something I had to add to the book.
So there is less that 8 pages of interior artwork left in Fuzzyface. This whole process has been both successful and trying. I can't take too long of breaks from it or I know I won't finish it. And I really want to see this project through to the end. But some turmoil has arisen from it as well. It's not always easy creating a comic book, and sometimes circumstances will come up that cannot be avoided. However, I do have to say that, I am truly satisfied with the output and the support this as yet finished book has seen. We have people all the way up in Idaho chomping at the bit for this comic. Something that was revealed to them almost a year ago. So, I definitely HAVE to finish strong. If not for those reading these comics, I would just have a seriously time consuming hobby that no one else appreciated. With that I am very thankful for the fan outcry and support for this project.
There is always the possibility of a sequel, I mean it is a horror story. But I'll cross that insane bridge when I come to it. Right now I am working on polishing the pencil work for the final pages. And with the near completion of this project, I am gearing up to solicit presales for the book to help raise funds for the printing, and promotion. So if you're wanting a copy, presale prices will be slightly cheaper than retail AND you can guarantee you get a copy. Cause it is set to debut at Phoenix Con in May, and I can't guarantee how many will be in the first print run, or if any of those copies will make it back.

Friday, January 15, 2010

In GAWD we trust?

SItting here contemplating things about life. I just took a really quick shower and got back online. I read the entire Wikipedia page on The West Memphis 3, and I am downloading "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills," the first volume of a documentary on the trial and the three now young adults in prison. Two for life and one on death row. The way this trial and investigation were described make the OJ Simpson trial seem like it was flawless. One of the accused has an IQ of 72 which means he is borderline retarded. The police coerced a confession out of him as well as getting him to turn on his two co-defendants. It makes me really sick. Sicker to know that people who are innocent are sent away, than people who are guilty going free. Kinda makes me think of a related story here in town. Defendants basically being railroaded into pleaing out and taking a shorter sentence than IF they were tried and convicted on really lose evidence.
I got all three of my guys up this morning and showered and ready for their programs all by myself. It was kinda cool, cause I haven't done that in a while. Transport staff who helps with the morning routines was running late, and I got it all done.
And in other news, Pat Robertson, benevolent host of the 700 Club and obvious man of Christ has done it again in saying that the Haitians made a deal with the devil in order to overthrow their French oppressors and now they are reaping what they sewed. I don't know which pisses him off more, the "fact" that they made a pact with Satan or that they did it to overthrow white oppression? I think the later, cause he's old and white and he's afraid some Haitians are gonna storm his manor and behead his racist, and hypocritical ass. Wait a minute, didn't the American Revolutionaries overthrow white oppressors in the British? We then covered it up and wrote "in God we trust" on all of our money. But first we threw a bunch of tea into the Boston Harbor and framed the Mohawk Indians for it. Well, you white people did anyways. I didn't cause I'm Mexican. I overthrew you when you tried to steal my land and then successfully stole it. But then I helped overthrow the French too. Although I don't remember making a pact with the devil or god. Cause I don't believe in either. And in Pat Robertson's eyes that would mean I'm gonna reap what I sew.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shit, I totally forgot to title this page in my Personal Revolution

"Something wicked this way comes," is a famous quote probably from Shakespeare or something. I honestly couldn't tell you for sure. Not without a lifeline, heh. But it speaks volumes of where I am at this moment in my life, and not in a bad way either. So things continue to weeble wobble their way around in my world. The crush does not cease, it only gets stronger. And the art just keeps on a coming out of my pencil. Last night while on the way to the grocery store I had an ingenious idea for a t-shirt design. I know, AGAIN?... So I wrote it on my hand in Sharpie. Bought my ingredients fer life, consisting of a case of Shrimp flavored Ramen noodles, two twelve packs of soda, a squeezable bottle of grape jelly and two bags of Hoodys brand peanuts. I then went back home and wrote yesterday's post and then popped on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and crashed out at like 4AMish.
Not to be out done, I woke my happy ass up to the sound of my dogs going bonkers as Julian came home from school. I got up, didn't shower (can't worry about showering all the time when you wanna be a rock star), got dressed and headed out to the coffee house to meet up with a friend whom I was going to Wing Wednesday with. We talked a ton about life and shit, while we waited for the tasty of tasties, Rocco's World Famous Chicken Wings. I dug hanging out with my new friend, Stevie, just talking a about nothing in particular. After filling up on white meat goodness we headed back to the coffee house for some drawing and chat chat chatting. She checked out my Tank Girl trade paperback while I worked to finish up page 44 of Fuzzyface. And accomplishment in that now I only have ten pages of story left to draw.
Afterwards, I talked to Rachel who I had fill out the boothbabe/ girlfriend app a week ago. And then I jammed out the t-shirt design in pencil and inks. Gonna scan it tonight and then color it soon. I have so many designs I have cranked out in the past week or two, that it's ridiculous to think that I'm actually getting any Fuzzyface done at all. But truth be told I think I am balancing it pretty fucking well, all things considered. I usually have super shitty time management skills and it takes me months to get an issue done, let alone 54 pages of story AND fuck all knows how many t-shirt designs and sketches. I've been posting images onto my Deviant Art account too. I posted two shirt graphics and like four or five sketches I did including two commissions for my cousins, Alison and Emily who bought the first volume of Got Crayons? yesterday when they came to hang out with me and Tim at Safehouse.
Yes yes yes, life is working itself. And I think the crush I have knows I have a crush on them. I don't hide shit such as happiness and "like" very well. I wear that shit like a fucking bright shiny toy badge.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Personal Revolution

I have hit a moment in my life when things just fucking click when I lay pencil to paper. It just all makes sense. It's crystal clear and it flows.
From Fuzzyface to random sketches in my big red sketchbook. I have churned out pieces now for several straight days. And then there's the coloring. I so prefer digital coloring to manual, as it's not only cleaner, but it too seems to just flow for me. I even did a rough Step Monsters sketch with all four members of the band posing. I colored a Grrry piece that is posted for sale on my zazzle account. Some of it more poppy in terms of cartoon nature and some harder edged for the purposes of being truer to my comic book style. I just got done cranking out a nice Kyle on guitar sketch complete with Tank Girl inspired hairdo.
In terms of my personal life, I really feel freer and like things too are just flowing. I handed out my application to two girls last night and felt completely not awkward in doing so. Plus I honestly feel a serious crush beginning. And at 31 I felt weird having that feeling. People have said it's absurd to feel strange about having a crush. I am enjoying myself again. And I think that's key in working through life and wading my way through some tumultuous swamp water in my life. I also feel inspired when I'm around this crush. It's kinda cute in a way. On another note I just want to sever some personal ties with specific people so I can stop having to tip fucking toe around people and shit. That's not my way. I like to drive right through with both fists pummeling away.
Here's to a revolutionary time in my life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avatar; A Hardcore Review

Into it holds the idea that we should be fair and balanced and be "nice" and not be damning of a product or its creators. I say this. It would not be truth if I only reviewed things I liked or always in a favorable way. In fact the reviews where I have panned something have brought me the most kudos from readers. And quite simply, if you do not like things to be reviewed fairly and in an editorial manner... DON'T FUCKING READ MY REVIEWS! In fact if that's how you feel you should probably never read anything I write... EVAR!
I am going to remind everyone who reads these reviews that the grading system I use is this: instead of thumbs up or stars, I rate on hardcore moments in pro wrestling history. The more hardcore the event, match, promo or moment the more I liked the book, comic, movie or video game I am reviewing. The less hardcore the moment, the more I disliked it. An example would be anything related to Hulk Hogan would be highly NOT recommended. Onto the review...
I used to step on ants when I was a kid. I also used to toss my friend's cat across the living room onto the couch. But as I have grown older, I have gained an appreciation for all living things. Having seen the previews for Avatar and then hearing the praise brought on by friends, and comic book professionals as well as reviewers all over the country I had to be somewhat skeptical. At one point I had head someone liken Avatar to Dances With Wolves. So while hanging out with my cousin Jackie for lunch today, I was happy to find out she also wanted to see Avatar too. So we went off to The Harkins off the freeway and got out 3D glasses and away on our CGI adventure we went. Not only was this the first movie in a theater I was seeing in 2010, but it was also the first 3D movie I have ever seen in a theater. James Cameron did not disappoint. From the outset, the amazingly colorful and brilliantly lit fauna and jungle became ingrained in my mind. The idea, story and concept was wholly original and has a viable place in this current political climate and in pop culture history. Literally there were points during this movie where I felt tears coming on, and moments where I had to hold back the urge to stand up and cheer. From start to finish, Avatar is the most beautifully put together predominantly CGI movie I have ever seen. The attention to the smallest details of the Avatar's skin, hair and surroundings made me glad to have gone through the Bachelor's in Animation program at the Art Center Design College. It made me proud to be an artist and to have recently begun to find my spirituality. Not a relationship with god, but my own personal belief structure and ideals on life, and choices. Avatar is not only a great movie that is visually stunning, but it also has a phenomenal message, "nature needs to be respected and protected at all costs." Resources are not something to wage war on or to make a profit from, they are to be protected and cherished. And it may make the conservatives in America nervous, that Cameron has ideals about America as a whole and our constitution (meaning out beliefs and ideology, not The Constitution).
There is a surrounding force that encompasses all of nature, as well as the creatures that dwell upon her. And as it was said in Jurassic Park, "nature finds a way." Cause nature doesn't need people believing in it to continue every day. Nature takes the worst of humanity and thrives. It keeps going. Nature is a juggernaut. It cannot be stopped. And I think the Earth is trying to tell us something, with tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. We need to respect Mother Earth. We need to cherish this delicate balance we have with her. Almost ever indigenous culture has a history of the world. How Mother Earth came to be. How the end is going to happen. And yet the only cultures who choose not to pay attention to these stories, are the so called civilized world. The industrialized world, that has already raided and raped the land, ousted the indigenous peoples and created civilized society upon her back.
Movies and stories like this move me in a lot of ways. They teach a lesson without a lot of people really knowing it. They entertain and show such visually dynamic things that people forget that there is an underlying theme. And more than a few people will walk away from Avatar and other examples with the subliminal messaging firmly planted in their minds. It makes me want to make my work more political and push the envelope. But that's what art is. And that's what an artist's job is, to provoke an emotional response. To force people to think and feel. James Cameron and everyone who worked on Avatar did that with at least one more person today. And for that, "thank you."
Being that in my mind Avatar is THE BEST movie of 2009, even ousting District 9 from that mighty perch, I must give it a worth while grade. A moment that started an almost two year long reign as Extreme Championship Wrestling's World Television Champion, Rob Van Dam was just supposed to soften up Bam Bam Bigelow for his upcoming Pay Per View match with the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, death defying maniac, Sabu. But on that night, the one and future Mr. Pay Per View, and current and always Mr. Monday Night had his own plans. And those plans included not one, but TWO massive jumps from the top rope into the crowd to topple the best big man in the business. A Five Star Frog Splash. A ton of showboating, and interference from Van Dam's running buddy and two time co- World Tag Team Champion, Sabu, who gave Bigelow a fork to the eye... but ending with an assisted Van Daminator. And after 3 seconds there was a neeeeeeeeeeeeew ECW World Television Champion...... Rob Van Dam!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in review and 2010 for Anti-Hero Brand Press and the Hardcore Comic Book Icon

2009 had it's moments for the Hardcore Comic Book Icon and Anti-Hero Brand Press. First was hitting up Phoenix ComiCon in January. People seemed to get a kick out of Got Crayons? I got to be booth neighbors with Phour Nyne Guy, Erik Arreaga. He told me during the convention that he really liked Agnew and wanted to know about his origin and what he was all about. This led to Erik doing an amazing piece of artwork for me to use with AHB promotion. It's a super wicked sadistic looking Agnew that got to be on the back cover of issue 5 of Youth in Asia.
Issue five saw print in late July, and debuted at Animeland Tu-Con. It had a variant cover which paid tribute to Gene Colan's cover to Howard the Duck #5,featuring a roided up Domo Kun versus a very different looking Agnew Pennyworth. The book also saw the first appearance of the Step Monsters, the hot all girl punk band from Apex City.

In October, the Hardcore Comic Book Icon traveled to the Bay with his trusty sidekick, Agnew at his side, for APE Con. There, I took pics with Jeff Smith, Jimmie Robinson and made a lot of new friends and some new fans. I also got a huge boost when on my way to the airport to come home we stopped at Isotope The Comic Book Lounge and slung copies of Youth in Asia to owner James Sime. Who throws one hell of an After the mayhem APE Con party. The Icon vowed to come back for 2010, and just to visit this awesome city again. I also got to see Alcatraz during it's 75th Anniversary. Which was very cool. I had no idea the historical significance besides being home to Al Capone and never successfully having been escaped.

Upon returning home to Tucson, one week later in fact. The day after the third annual Wonder Woman Day, I learned that a friend of mine, and former girlfriend, Lisa Berrie had been murdered back in August of 2008. I had wanted to help expand Wonder Woman Day to Tucson, but after hearing this I knew I had to do it.

In November, Anti-Hero Brand hit up the second annual Tucson Comic Con. We had a lot of people stop by and check out our stuff. I shared space with the talented Mike Moran and Venus of Necro split time between our booth and another. As you know Venus is the writer behind G2 The Book of Grrry and the forthcoming Fuzzyface.

The end of the year (ie the last several months) have been dedicated to the graphic novel Fuzzyface. I have, up to the end of 2009, finished almost 39 total pages of the proposed 54 interior pages, the cover and 1 pinup which is gonna be inked by Paul Fini, creator of Bliss and Plant Guy.

Goals for 2010 involve exhibiting at the biggest show there is, San Diego Comic Con International, splitting a booth with Phour Nyne Guy. Debuting Fuzzyface a month or two before at AHB's third straight Phoenix Comic Con. Getting the ball rolling on the origin story called Ten Years in Hell. Punching out Got Crayons? vol. 3. Youth in Asia issue 6 and the third installment of The Book of Grrry, and collect the series. The Hardcore Comic Book Icon plans to make waves in the industry this year, by promoting the hell out of Fuzzyface. I would very much like to make some more connections within the industry so I can begin my trek to working full time in comics and art.
I would also like to get storyboarding and preproduction done for the Youth in Asia live action movie teaser/trailer.