Monday, December 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Flux!

A while ago, Agent Burgos of the Arizona Avengers sent me a tweet asking me to retweet it. Since Burgos is also the guy who interviewed me for The Weekly Dose on a bit back, I thought nothing of it and retweeded the post. A bit later I went back and clicked the link and read the story. It was about Tracie's Tooth Fairy, a non profit organization that raises awareness and much needed funds for people who require dental work as a result of going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment. As I too had cancer, I became intrigued in the story. From the best of my knowledge I didn't have any negative effects from my chemo and radiation. The catch is, insurance won't pay for the dental work because the damage to an individual's teeth is a result of a medical procedure.
I read the story and then reread parts. Looked at the photos and saw the beautiful smile Tracie had. I linked to the facebook page for Tracies Tooth Fairy and looked at the photo albums. Then I decided to do something about it. I left a post on her page that said I wanted to make her a character in my comic book, Youth in Asia. I had already begun writing a story involving the character, originally the new heroine was going to be played by Kyle, Nash's girlfriend.
Last Wednesday night, or Thursday morning as it were, the young lady in the article contacted me on facebook. She said that Dan Burgos had got in touch with her about me making her into my new character. She was excited, and asked if I had concept artwork. I immediately began drawing costume pieces for her to pick from. The next morning I emailed the pics to her and she replied with her choice. We have continued to discuss the story ideas and costume color schemes.
The other night I drew up a larger version of the character in order to have a better grasp of the colors to be used. I texted the picture to her and she loved it.
And last night, I wrote a six page origin story for her character in Youth in Asia. I emailed the script to her and am awaiting a reply with her thoughts. I will commence with the page work tonight. It's going to be a great start to a character that will bring a lot of new adventures the Youth in Asia universe.
All because I retweeted.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jay & Silent Bob Chasing Dogma; A Hardcore Review *SPOILERS*

Kevin Smith's one note loser duo of Jay and Silent Bob first made it onto comic books with the Clerks comic book. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for dick and fart jokes, even on your graphic novel shelf. With writing by the enigmatic Smith and art by the seriously underrated Duncan Fegredo (Girl, and Tank Girl) seriously push the envelope of decency and self respect in this, god knows what the hell it was supposed to be about. But it did have the amazing origin of Suzanne which was hinted at in the end credits of Mallrats. Although they did redo said origin in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
The artwork is fucking amazing. As only Fegredo can offer. You can follow Duncan on his official twitter account.... You can follow Duncan on his official twitter account.... or Smith for that matter. Aside from the professional formalities of whoring those two. Hope they have the decency to send that shit back my way. Especially since Smith stole the whole pigtails gimmick from me when I bumped into him at Wizard World 2005 in Los Angeles and then put it in Clerks 2. I want my two dollars.
Anyways, the story follows, I guess, lovable losers Jay and, his hetero life mate, Silent Bob as they get kicked out of Trish "The Dish's" living room after overstaying their welcome and ruining her interview with some Entertainment Tonight ripoffs.
Right now I am watching Chelsea Handler do standup, and it has me wondering if she really is a slut, like she pretends to be with her routine.
So the two bust down in the television section of an electronics store AND, wait for it..... watch the entire John Hughes library. Lunch Box starts crying and Jay of course probably starts dry humping something. Thing I don't get is the sheer number of bitches who think Jason Mewes is hot. I'm not gay, but I wouldn't fuck him WITH YOUR DICK!
The two get kicked out and then decide to go the Shermer in Illinois to become the resident weed suppliers for the white bread suburb. But hey, everyone has to have a dream, right?
Meanwhile, Suzanne jailbreaks from a train wreck from Provasic labs. Making like Harrison Ford in Fugitive with an incompetent Tommy Lee Jones lookalike chasing after her.
Somehow she runs across the duo and Jay makes his famous "super monkey" speech. But not before the two make it to someplace in Illinois where they hang out in a high school where Anthony Michael Hall and Emilio Estevez somehow haven't aged and are STILL in high school. Here's the twist, they are the chronic connection at that school, and they kick Jay and Lunch Box's asses and toss them in a locker room with a bunch of naked guys.
I can't really capitalize on an endearing moment on this book. Probably cause there really wasn't one. However, I am not saying all stories have to have viable substance or meaning. Cause I am pretty sure most of the comics I've done don't have people rethinking their lives. It's just pure entertainment at the lowest common denominator folks.
But, the art work, all in black and white and the writing mixed together are what make this such a great book. The style is way different from the Clerks comic, but expanding the View Askew universe. I honestly wish Smith put out more comics. And I wish Duncan get more credit for his truly unique style of work.
The time it took me to get back to this book, after probably at least a few years since I last read it was worth it. Since Kevin Smith is known for his dialog and plot I am going to go back to a great heel promo from ECW. Steve Corino, the self proclaimed "King of Old School" came out to the ring to confront the "Human Suplex Machine" Taz in what was a great cowardly heel moment. Corino told Taz that he could beat "the most miserable son of a bitch on the planet" easily. However, just moments before he had injured himself lifting 600, no 800 pounds on the bench press. The whole time, the crowd was chanting, "Taz is gonna kill you!" Since an obviously injured Corino was unable to make a run at the Champ, he brought out a man who could.... Chris Candido.