Monday, December 28, 2009

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 12

Upon the completion of page 38 I bring you the 12th installment of the production notes for the graphic novel, Fuzzyface. Things have been crazy hectic and I feel like I am moving at an incredible pace. One I know I have never worked at before. And I feel most accomplished in what I have achieved. 38 pages, 1 pinup and 1 cover, DONE! 4 pinups by other artists, turned in. 16 pages and god knows how many pinups remain.
I sat in Crave today for roughly 6 hours, drawing and fucking around online. During that six hours or whatever it actually was, I finished the missing 1/3 of page 37. Crave closed at 7. I immediately drove up the road to Safehouse and commenced work on the very next page, 38, a splash page of a kill scene. "The kill scene," for Fuzzyface. I put as much as I possibly could into this page. Having to stop to wrap my wrist up to help the swelling of my tendons.
I am so fucking psyched to have this page done. And I know this book is gonna kill at Phoenix Con.
I've made a new friend online, who assured me they will be stopping by my booth FIRST thing when they hit up Phx Con. We'll see if anything shiny keeps her from that goal.
So you know, a lot of fucking work is going into this graphic novel. And not just by me. Four artists thus far have turned in pinups. And others are working on their's. Venus of Necro wrote a kick ass script for the book. And she hopefully will be able to sit in for a few signing sessions at Phx. And Henry Barajas is gonna write an intro the likes of which you have never read. And the peeps at Phoenix Con have asked if there are ways to help promote this book. And not to mention to printer. They're gonna work fucking hard on giving this book the best possible scan and print job they can.
So when you buy Fuzzyface; remember how much work, and all the love that went into bringing you the most anticipated book in history from Anti-Hero Brand Press ever!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thoughts and reflections.... the ability to choose

While driving home from work today I began to think about the murder of Lisa Berrie. Her murderer was convicted and his sentencing is scheduled for January 25, 2010. I began to think about how my ideals no longer allow me to support the death penalty or the justice system in a lot of ways. I also began to think about my ideals versus a lot of so called Christians. People who never learned to turn the other cheek. People who truly believe in an eye for an eye. It happened because I saw a "Pro Life" car, with propaganda bumper stickers all over it. Don't get me wrong. I think abortion is a shitty excuse for birth control. And I would not, no matter my situation, financially or otherwise, never endorse a girlfriend or any female who might be pregnant with my child to have an abortion. I would never presume to tell anyone what they should or could do with their bodies. That's what separates me fundamentally from most all Pro Lifers. Nobody, least of all someone who's a fucking hypocrite like a politician should ever presume to tell someone, usually a minority teen, what she should do with her body.
This made me think about suicide. And how, like Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the Plasmatics, who made the choice to end her own life felt.

"I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights that anyone in a free society should have. For me, much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and a place where there is no self, only calm."

The reason I feel this way is because it a person's right to make choices. I think that's what pisses me off so much about murder. When you take a life, you are doing something that is far more heinous than removing life from this earth. You are taking away that person's ability to make choices about themselves, and their future. It hit me really clearly for some reason. I don't believe in hindering choice from an individual. That is just wrong. I mean even if you're religious. Supposedly God gave man free will. Which is the ability to make choices. Right or wrong that's what God decided. SO why question or belittle or make war with someone based upon a choice?
People take away others ability to choose all the time. And I think that is a far worse crime than anything in the world. We all make choices. Whether or not to get out of bed? What clothes to wear? What to eat? Whether or not to go to work or school? We make decisions. The same as we make excuses for curtailing others decisions. And it makes me sick to think about it. I used to feel it was cowardly to end your own life. And part of why I felt that way was because of my Catholic upbringing. I know that religion and faith plays a major part in most if not all of our daily lives. And when I think about that it makes me feel strange. Yes, faith can be a very good thing to have. I have no real doubts about that. Except, that faith, morals and ideology is usually instilled in us when we are still children, and our minds are extremely susceptible to being molded in whatever image our teachers choose. That's their choice to mold us in a certain image. But it takes away the ability for us, even as children, to choose. I was planning on raising my children with no real belief structure other than to do their best and to work hard and to be a good person. But even this is decided upon my definitions of each portion. What does being a hard worker mean to me? What defines a good person in my eyes? What does it mean to try your best? These are all definitions that would be decided upon by me. And at the same time, taking away choices to be made by them. And I realized that there is no real way around this. Not with humans. It's not in our nature. We don't have instincts to survive like every other animal on Earth. We don't have built in defenses. We rely, for several years after birth, the most of any offspring to any other animal on Earth, the nurturing and caring and molding of our teachers.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year: MMIX Purpose: Review

Inspired from a friend who wrote something similar, I am here by reviewing my year of 2009. The things that defined me as "The Strongest One There Is" yet again.

"YOU'RE FIRED!" It happens to the best of us from time to time, and it happened to me for the first time since before my senior year in high school. During my very short time at Intermountain, I was dealing with a lot of intensely personal stuff floating around in my head. I had just broken things off with someone I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. And I had just learned somethings I really didn't want to know from this person who felt they had to rub it in for good measure. The mind went on hiatus for a bit and I sort of conked out emotionally. It happens. And for someone who likes to pretend that nothing ever bothers him, it really stuck in my mind. It took getting fired for truancy to wake me up and make me realize it didn't truly matter.

Phoenix Cactus ComiCon 2009! For the second straight year I went to Phoenix Con. And unlike the first year I didn't really have a partner to help promote my work. I went with a friend, and found out how much of a tough time that can be. He wasn't really prepared and he didn't really do much in terms of work behind the counter. But it was a life lesson. Plus I got to be booth neighbors with Phour Nyne Guy, Erik Arreaga who decided he liked Agnew so much he was going to do a pinup for me.

Youth in Asia LIVES! After the breakup things got very tough for me to create. I became listless and I didn't care about doing anything new. I scrapped a project that I started at the tail end of the almost two year relationship. I decided to go back to the drawing board, LITERALLY, and begin work on Youth in Asia issue 5. It was mostly a wrestling theme, but it ended up having issue bookends of Agnew getting a dog and the debut of the Step Monsters in YiA. People have said they liked the debut of the local punk rock band. And people have shined that the story is improving and the artwork is getting better with each issue.

APE Con or DIE! In addition to making my second straight Phoenix Con, I also hit up San Francisco for APE Con again. Which almost didn't happen, cause I fucking procrastinate like a mother fucking sloth. With the major financial help of a friend and a lot of JuJu for good omens, I got a table at the convention and set out to do this one my myself. Financially APE was not very successful. But I learned somethings from a friend who showed up at the con from the other side of the Bay. Jimmie Robinson, who people may know from his comic, Bomb Queen, showed his support of Youth in Asia and APE Con as a whole. He told me that he never looks or even thinks of making his money back from the shows he attends. He goes to spread the word about his work. And he goes to see friends and have fun. Well, I think I did spread the word about the book. In addition to APE I sold 3 sets of YiA to Isotope The Comic Book Lounge in San Francisco. I aim to go back when Fuzzyface is done and sell them on that as well as perfect bound versions of the tpb for Youth in Asia.

BAY LIFE! I got to spend a week in San Francisco with my dad, his wife and my good friend Audrey. I went out every single day I was there. I got to see some cool nightlife. As well as Alcatraz. It was wild. The cells, the history. I had so much fun, and I sold copies of my book to a shop in SF that everyone should check out, Isotope The Comic Book Lounge which is owned and operated by the very eclectic and amazingly dressed James Sime. He runs a very cool shop, and is an enthusiast for cool suits, original comic art on toilet seats and small press comics. So much so that he has an award he gives out when APE comes around for "Best Mini Comic." As James proudly says, "we don't have eight different categories, we have one award. And it's the most dangerous award in the business." I met some new people in San Francisco and I would love to live their some day. It's beautiful. The city is awesome and the culture there is second to none. To the dislike of one friend I got my own Chun Li action figure while in Japan Town too. And I rode a bus while intoxicated with The Reverend Al Sharpton. He didn't know I was a break out comic book creator. And I had no idea he was also a pimp when he's not championing civil rights for people.

FUZZYFACE OR DIE! It had to happen. I got back into the idea of doing this project I set out to do almost a year ago with my then girlfriend. I began at a feverish pace and I have not slowed up yet. Since begining the layouts and edits on the fantastic original script in early October, I have completed some 34 pages, one pinup and the cover artwork for the graphic novel, as well as coming up with some nice ideas for dvd-like extras to throw in the mix. Progress has been manic and people who have had the pleasure of seeing the work in progress have said it is my best work to date. This is gonna be a little different. Starring Agnew as the title character who seeks to create life. It's a horroromedy, in the vein of the Muppets meet Leatherface with a twist of Frankenstein. It's set to drop at Phoenix Cactus ComiCon 2010 in May.

P!NK I got to see one of my favorite singers on tour this year. P!NK came to Phoenix on the Funhouse Tour and she absolutely rocked the house. The show, it wasn't a concert, it was a show, had everything. Giant inflatable evil clowns, burlesque, trapeze artists, and the most amazing vocalist of my time. I was temporarily dead from the experience, but I enjoyed it. And sang along with almost every song. Her voice and lyrics brought tears to my eyes more than once. The Ting Tings opened and they rocked too. Closing with, "That's Not My Name." P!NK opened with an amazing video of her setting fire to her house after channel surfing for nothing good. The concert was the first in over a year since I saw The Misfits on labor Day 2008. It was the best I have been to. And she rocked!

Loss... I learned just a week after I returned from APE Con that a girl I dated almost a decade ago had been killed by her boyfriend in 2008. I don't watch the news, and I didn't know that she was online so I could have helped her. I worried for years that this would be her fate. But her sister told me she used to say she was never going to see her 30th birthday. To have that kind of fatalism about your life is really tough to move past. A lot of what I have done since learning this news has been centered around it. And trying to help stop domestic violence. It was actually the day after the third annual Wonder Woman Day that I found out Lisa Marie Berrie had been killed more than year earlier. I will miss you my friend. And I promise, I won't stop. Ever! And I am going to bring Wonder Woman Day to Tucson. To help end the silence and destroy the violence. Till it's safe for everyone...

Personally.... I have been up and down throughout the year when it comes to my life. But that's how I roll. It's been that way for 31 years now. After coming to accept certain things about life and myself in particular I get hit with something else. And I'm getting sick of it to tell you the truth. I'm tired of the disappointments. I'm tired of what I see as others moving forward and me seeming to stand still. But then again, my car doesn't break down fully during the race. It just overheats from time to time. I made a promise to myself to work on my personal life. An I have. I made a promise to get better physically too. And to see my reflection in the mirror, I seem to be getting bigger and bigger. It makes me happier about who I am. Make the outside strong to help shield the inside. But in all, I don't change who I am. I never will. Cause for another year, another decade, and the rest of my life, I am, "THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Hell 2009

Back to the old school like so much original ECW.
I worked the overnight shift last night and I am going back for more in an hour. I was a little bitter at first but then I really thought; these guys don't really get to do much outside of the home. So, if I was working anywhere else I might be a bit miffed at having to work. But then I think about how it's just a day. And without kids or a girlfriend it doesn't really mean much to me. Since I was a kid, I've only had two Christmases that were special. Both of which involved shopping for someone I cared about. Don't get me wrong I love my family, but it's really not the same thing. So, I guess in a way I am glad I work somewhere that I am needed. It's kinda nice. Makes me feel more like an adult and a somewhat productive member of society.
On a fun note, I got the dogs a stocking full of toys for their holiday. Grrry instantly began jumping up and even Malory put her front paws up on the counter to see what was going on.
The dogs loved their stuffs. And they've been playing with their new toys off and on while heavy bouts of snuggling took place.
Well, gotta go and get more Fuzzyface work done tonight. That and other stuff. Hope yours was fun. From John, Sabu, Foley and Grrry. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 11

The sag continues in many different ways. I just got another pinup submitted the other day by a good friend of mine, local tattoo artist David Williams. He told me what he had planned but then flipped it and did something else, and it looks FREAKING AMAZING! I seriously want to go back to the shop and make him tattoo this on me. So, now four artists have turned in pinups, with still more to come.
3 more interior pages have been finished and I am done with 33 and onto 34. So many deaths already and there are still a few more to come. Lots to do, and be inspired by this holiday season. I hae to work on XMas Eve and XMas night as well, but I guess someone has to do it, might as well be me, since I know I do a good job and I really care about my guys. It will give an opportunity to do some more work on the book, and on a holiday no less.
I have spoken with a few people at Cactus Con about promotion of Fuzzyface the graphic novel, as well as possibly being in a panel or two. A friend of mine from art school suggested doing a large cardboard cutout stand up of Fuzzyface to help draw attention to our booth at Cactus. We're gonna be in Small Press again this year, and we plan on having a lot of different things for people to buy this time around.
With five pinups, that includes mine, in and 33 full pages done, along with the cover, I am making great time on this project. The past few pages have just seemed to blur by, but they are all looking great visually. The storytelling is flowing and progress is serious in this man's mind. I'm motivated to get this whole project in the can, but I am having a fantastic time while this journey moves towards its destination.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

American History X; A Hardcore Review

Into it holds the idea that we should be fair and balanced and be "nice" and not be damning of a product or its creators. I say this. It would not be truth if I only reviewed things I liked or always in a favorable way. In fact the reviews where I have panned something have brought me the most kudos from readers. And quite simply, if you do not like things to be reviewed fairly and in an editorial manner... DON'T FUCKING READ MY REVIEWS! In fact if that's how you feel you should probably never read anything I write... EVAR!
I am going to remind everyone who reads these reviews that the grading system I use is this: instead of thumbs up or stars, I rate on hardcore moments in pro wrestling history. The more hardcore the event, match, promo or moment the more I liked the book, comic, movie or video game I am reviewing. The less hardcore the moment, the more I disliked it. An example would be anything related to Hulk Hogan would be highly NOT recommended. Onto the review...
I just finished watching one of the most moving and powerful movies I have ever had the good fortune to see. American History X is a visually stunning film that grabs you from the outset and forces you to witness it. That's it. You don't watch this movie so much as you witness the story. David McKenna writes the story of a former skinhead who is living with the result of his murder of two black gang members who were attempting to steal his truck. After serving three years for the crime, Derrick Vinyard is released from Chino Penitentiary. The movie takes place mostly in the past tense and is shot primarily in black and white. It gives such a visual impact to the story. Tony Kaye directs and shots the film. And he is on the mark with the message. You not only see the ideals through the eyes of an angry, confused young white man. You also see it in spaces through the eyes of other characters who are equally frustrated and confused about their position in life.
The film uses hatred as a catalyst for setting off a subject that is touchy at best and down right vicious and passionate when set ablaze. The words are like so much poetry and resulting more like a tragedy written by the likes of Shakespeare.
Originally I went to see the movie because my favorite actress, Fairuza Balk was co-starring in it, but I quickly became aware of the cast in its entirety. Edward Norton stars with Edward Furlong and his younger brother, Danny, who has begun down the same path as Derrick. Beverly D'Angelo also stars, with Avery Brooks, Elliot Gould, Ethan Suplee and Stacey Keach. The moment that sums up the movie is a line delivered by Avery Brooks, "has anything you've done made your life better?" It single handedly steals the movie and makes for possibly the most powerful spoken line in cinema history.
There is absolutely no wasted footage in this movie. Every shot proves its worth. And in the end the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Anger can be used to prove a point. It can also be used as a motivational tool. But every moment of this movie builds to the climax. One of the things I like most about this movie besides the message is that Kaye did not glorify any of the violence. Too often a movie loses its important message when directors Hollywoodize the violence. Parts of this movie are very gritty and so real you cannot help but wince and look away from the screen. This has to be one of, if not the most important movie of my generation.
In the end, this movie has to register a vastly significant moment in the history of the squared circle. It is Spike Dudley challenging the unstoppable monster of ECW, Heavyweight Champion, Mike Awesome. It all begins at Guilty as Charged 2000, with Spike calling out the massive champion. Awesome tosses Spike over the top rope, through a table like he was throwing away an empty can of beer. The violence went back and forth for a long time, including Awesome spring boarding off the top rope into the crowd and slipping on a patch of spilled beer. Whatever the case, Spike Dudley just wouldn't stay down.... Until Awesome Awesome Bombed Spike off the top rope through a table. This match made it into a compilation dvd produced by WWE years after ECW folded.

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 10

Another day, another bunch of artwork to work on.
Finally I am up to page 30. I did a few panels of it last night while at Safehouse after touching up the finishes to page 29. But tonight I worked on a pinup I got an idea for as I laid down to go to sleep last night. This is the first pinup I have done for the Fuzzyface graphic novel so far. As I have so many other responsibilities for this project, I thought I should wait on doing some. But the bug could not be squashed and I had to crank out the meal worms in my head. It came out like I was envisioning and I feel it should be a piece people are going to like a whole lot. I am also planning on making it a print for sale at the convention too.
On the subject of pinups, I just talked to another old friend of mine who is an artist here in Tucson as well. I asked him about doing a piece for the graphic novel to which he only wanted to know what the book was about and where he could see some references. I directed him to the fan page on facebook, and he said he would get back to me. Others are emailing me and letting me know their pieces are in progress. Erik Arreaga, who is also known as Phour Nyne Guy is doing a piece for the book as well. I met Erik at Phoenix Cactus ComiCon back in January 2008. But in 2009, my booth was right next to his. During the three days of mayhem, he asked me about Agnew, and what his character was. He began sketching out a piece there at his drawing table between commissions for fans. He told me he would send it to me when he finished. And when he did, it looked truly amazing. Erik made Agnew so sinister and dark that it really related back to his original origin I created for him back in 1996. Erik told me I was free to use it anything I wanted as long as I gave him credit for the work. I said no problem and immediately slapped it on the back of issue 5 when it came out, along with his byline and words about Youth in Asia by various creators and reviewers. It looked great, and became the standard back cover for all the reprints of all Youth in Asia issues.
Others contributing pieces for the graphic novel are Mike Moran, who is known around town as ShinMilkman, Juan Heinrich, Test1ne, and hopefully with any amount of luck Simon Bisley and Jimmie Robinson. Venus of Necro is talking to Jimmie about possibly having a piece in the novel, and Simon Bisley expressed love in Agnew and interest in doing a pinup or some kind of artwork for a later volume. In fact a Simon Bisley quote will accompany Agnew into infamy with Fuzzyface. If you've looked around various places on this thing we call the internet than you might already know what I'm talking about.
GOtta get back to work. New ideas, complete with deadlines. Wow I actually feel like a grownup now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Girlfriend/ booth babe Application TELL YOUR SINGLE FRIENDS

Upon completion email this application to with your contact info.





[ ] someday [ ] nope [ ] none that I know of

[ ] yes

Animals: (likes/ has)
[ ] dogs [ ] cats [ ] fish

[ ] varmints [ ] I can barely keep myself alive

Body type:
[ ] athletic [ ] curvy [ ] slim/slender

[ ] skinny [ ] average [ ] a little extra

[ ] sometimes [ ] never [ ] only when I'm conscious

[ ] I think I might have a problem

[ ] yes [ ] no [ ] socially

[ ] only when I drink [ ] trying to quit

[ ] no [ ] yes [ ] recreationaly

[ ] I'm in a 12 Step program [ ] they keep me from killing everyone

Ethnicity/ race: pick which best fits you
[ ] Asian [ ] Latina/ Hispanic [ ] Black

[ ] White [ ] Native American

Style: check all that apply...
[ ] punk [ ] rock a billy [ ] preppy (Gap/ Old Navy)

[ ] goth [ ] scene kid/ emo [ ] pirate [ ] Thrift store chic

[ ] not on me but please show me yours [ ] a few

[ ] ewww gross [ ] sleeves [ ] body suit [ ] trap stamp

[ ] just butterflies

Piercings: (please list)

[ ] short [ ] long [ ] medium [ ] mohawk

[ ] curly [ ] pixie short [ ] emo/ scene kid

Hair color:
[ ] brown [ ]blond [ ] red/ strawberry blond

[ ] black [ ] bleached blond [ ] dyed list color(s) ____________

[ ] unemployed [ ] student [ ]work full time

[ ] work part time [ ] no thanks... you provide for me

[ ] high school dropout [ ] high school graduate/ GED

[ ] some college [ ] college graduate

Top 5 Favorite movies:

Favorite actor/ actress:

Favorite Animated Motion picture:

Top 5 Favorite Albums:

Favorite band/ singer:

Favorite Color:

Favorite comic book:

Favorite TV show:

Favorite store:

Favorite book:

Favorite cartoon as a kid:

Favorite toy as a kid:

What did you want to be when you grow up?

Favorite food?

Are you vegetarian/ vegan?
[ ] yes [ ] no [ ] FUCK NO!

Favorite drink: (non alcoholic)

Favorite drink: (alcoholic)

Favorite Beer:

Favorite video game:

Describe your ideal date:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 9 "release date and printing/binding"

Decisions were made today about when to release Fuzzyface, as well as the parody rights when involving copyrighted or trademarked characters such as the Muppets. I have done a little research on parody and its use in the market against copyrighted materials. It looks as though we should be ok.
The decision made today was to release Fuzzyface: The Agnew Chainsaw Massacre at Phoenix Cactus ComiCon 2010. We can get press for it, as well as buy ad space for the release in the Phoenix Con program. This will also allow for more time in the printing and bindery process. Henry Barajas, who is getting into creating comics and is into the local comic scene here in Tucson is set to write the intro for the graphic novel. He got to see the work in progress and says that it looks like my, "best work to date." I take this an incredibly good sign, since Venus and Mike Moran have both stated the same. I too have looked at my storytelling abilities and also the overall quality of the work. My line style is still the same, but as Henry pointed out, he would like to see more shading and detail. When he saw the work he relayed that this is what he was talking about. He thinks the story is hilarious and says he can't wait for it to be finished. Venus is super excited as this is her second piece of published work through Anti-Hero Brand Press. Her earlier work is the second issue of The Book of Grrry, which was titled G2. Although somewhat nervous about others reading her work, Venus expressed somewhat of a relief in having this accomplishment come to fruition. She sighted that since the story in G2 and this story Fuzzyface were not based upon her own characters, she had an easier time in letting them become known by the public. Venus is also excited at the possibility of sitting in on an hour here or there for signing at Phoenix ComiCon. At the Memorial Day Weekend comic con, Venus will be the proud mother of a two month old baby girl. So she is uncertain as to her availability. I told her not to worry, as if she is not able to make it, I will bombard her with plenty of opportunities to sign as many copies of the graphic novel as possible before Mike Moran and I trek up to Phoenix. But I want her to be able to be there, should the web tv show she works on be covering the event.
The book itself has reached page 27 of the pencils. I have actually, and finally reached the halfway point for the artwork. I have a list of artists wanting and in the process of creating pin-ups for Fuzzyface, and a new creator in Henry, revving up to write the intro. Henry says he is psyched and looking forward to it. And I told the gang that I would be announcing preorders soon, online so that people wanting a copy could guarantee a first print for a lower cost than the still to be decided upon retail price. Talks are in for a price tag of either 12 or 15 dollars for the graphic novel, but that will include all the extras, such as the script, the layout pages, pin-ups and a sceduled running commentary/conversation between Venus and myself. As well as other possible extras to be decided upon and announced.
Then there is the question of printing and bindery. I would like to have the novel perfect bound like is traditional in the comic book industry. It is also pretty standard with comic shops too. As James Sime, owner of Isotope Comic Book Lounge in San Francisco told me he was worried that a spiral bound trade or graphic novel could and potentially would damage existing stock on his shelves. And that he would be more than happy to take collected works so long as they were perfect bound. There is a good option here in Tucson, with a locally owned and operated bindery called, Tucson Complete Bindery. They work pretty fast, as long as you have planned enough time for yourself and they are willing to do small, medium or very large jobs. Their prices are also very reasonable, as well as I do like to work with local businesses. My preferred printer, although not local is top quality at what they do, as well as able to work on a tight deadline.
So things are shaping up nicely with the book. As this past week, I got almost three whole pages done in one 24 hour period. From Sunday night when I was at work doing n overnight, till when I almost collapsed at Safehouse Monday night, I had completed pages 24, 25 and two thirds of page 26 AS WELL AS a pin-up for a collected edition to be called "Get That Chicken" a webcomic by Denny Riccelli. I have to get the pin-up scanned and then emailed to him, as my large format scanner is still being a pain in my ass and not working. But a lot of work has gone into Fuzzyface. And it is a labor of love. I am happy with page rate and the physical results I am seeing with this project. And in addition to a few other people's opinions, I too feel like this is my best work to date.

Monday, December 7, 2009

lyrics to "Who Knew" as sung by P!NK

You took my hand, you showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh, that's right

I took your words and I believed
In everything you said to me
Yeah huh, that's right

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
?Cause they're all wrong

I know better
?Cause you said forever
And ever, who knew?

Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no, no no

I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you a friend
I'd give anything

When someone said count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong

But they knew better
Still you said forever and ever
Who knew? Yeah yeah

I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we, until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened?

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
?Cause they're all wrong

And that last kiss I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes it harder
I wish I could remember

But I keep your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling, who knew?

My darling
My darling, who knew?
My darling I miss you
My darling, who knew?

Who knew?

when she sang this song as the second on her playlist for the Funhouse concert in Phx back in August, I started to lose it. The words made me remember my best friend who since 2008 is no longer with me. I love you Cypress, the one and original Bubba

Fuck the FCC!

Recently the FCC or Federal Communication Cunts issued a communicae from the front. In it they stated, and I am paraphrasing, that one who blogs and includes information or reviews about products, merchandise or services should, in their vernacular, state if said blogger is receiving payment for what is being said. So, the Fuckin' Crooked Commission wants bloggers to take responsibility for how their words may be interpreted. Now, I am sorta new to this whole blogging thing, I've only been doing it for a few years and I've been doing it semi seriously for less than that, but what about mother fuckin' celebrities who boast about brand name products, who are seen wearing brand name designer labels, that they got for fucking free at Sachs Fifth Avenue, you know cause they're famous, don't take responsibility for shit. Not words they say, not their fucking actions. Unless you count the top 20 celebs who give the most as reviewed by E! or some such network, which also doesn't seem to take responsibility for their shitty programming. I just wanna know why John Q Public has to take responsibility for shit that we type. It's called free speech Adolf! Jesus fucking christ, I swear the next mother fucking government entity that starts to trample on my rights, is gonna get my proverbial size 10 1/2 up their tail pipe. This shit is getting ridiculous. I mean middle aged women who fuck with the minds of prepubescent teenage girls causing them to commit suicide aren't being held accountable for shit. That's a free speech process of fucking with someone, why should I have to say, "I heartily endorse the 32Gig ipod Touch but not the 64Gig ipod Touch, cause that's just too much damn hard drive space. Oh and by the way I am being paid to make this statement." Like people are gonna be totally taken back if they find out "gasp" that someone has been paid to make a statement.
And in closing, my court ordered prayers go out to all the families who were taken back by my statements lauding certain products from an unnamed blog.

The Boondocks Season 1; A Hardcore Review

Into it holds the idea that we should be fair and balanced and be "nice" and not be damning of a product or its creators. I say this. It would not be truth if I only reviewed things I liked or always in a favorable way. In fact the reviews where I have panned something have brought me the most kudos from readers. And quite simply, if you do not like things to be reviewed fairly and in an editorial manner... DON'T FUCKING READ MY REVIEWS! In fact if that's how you feel you should probably never read anything I write... EVAR!
I am going to remind everyone who reads these reviews that the grading system I use is this: instead of thumbs up or stars, I rate on hardcore moments in pro wrestling history. The more hardcore the event, match, promo or moment the more I liked the book, comic, movie or video game I am reviewing. The less hardcore the moment, the more I disliked it. An example would be anything related to Hulk Hogan would be highly NOT recommended. Onto the review...
On to the very first Hardcore Review in quite some time and the first here on my new blog. I have to say I have read handfuls of the comic strip of the Boondocks. Aaron McGruder is one intelligent guy. His takes on how pop culture reflects life, and some of the absurdities that race plays in the way we view things and act out ourselves. Huey Freeman is a ten year old revolutionary with ideals on changing suburbia and the world at large. His younger brother Riley is a foul mouthed, gangsta wannabe with visions of living like Tony Montana in Scarface. Their grandfather, Robert has his own ideas, about hooking up with a young cutie.
Huey spends his days finding new ways to run a foul of the ideas of what a ten year old black kid in suburbia is supposed to be. From conducting experiments on how black television can affect you physically to standing on a soap box spouting about how the government is lying to the public, to running an escape plan for a man wrongfully accused and sentenced for murder. Riley spends his time hanging with equally juvenile friends Ed Wunsler III and Gin Rummy, who get into all sorts of trouble regarding the attempted kidnapping of Oprah to "fighting terrorism" at a gas station convenience store they frequent in order to rob it. While Grandad "Bitches" Freeman gets his ride, "Dorothy" pimped by Xzibit to dating a ho named Crystal, like the champagne.
Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Junior WASN'T assassinated? He was shot, but then slipped into a forty year long coma. He woke just in time to condemn the United States' war on terror following the 9/11 attacks, to become the most hated man in America. Were you aware that there's a disease that makes the pigment in your skin darker? And that Michael Jackson was the lucky son of a bitch who didn't get it. And did you know that rich white men can pretty much do whatever they want in America? Including robbing their family owned banks. Kidnap celebrities AND open fire on an "armed" terrorist who's been quietly working in a convenience store for years.... in front of a cop! This series is quality from top to bottom. Every character is beautifully crafted and every story is amazing thought out.
The Boondocks is triumphant in so many different ways. Aaron McGruder is possibly the most intelligent syndicated cartoonist in history. The Boondocks did to late night cartoon time slots what Tommy Dream did to elevate the feud with Raven at ECW's Heatwave 1995. After Stevie Richards was soundly trounced and bloodied by Luna Vachon, Tommy handcuffed Raven to the cage surrounding the ring, in essence crucifying him before delivering the most heinous chair shot in the history of wrestling, "the chair shot heard round the world."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fucking Creationists

Here I am watching the sixth and final season of the Sopranos, and it happens. A fucking Creationist shows up and starts spouting how God created the Earth 6000 years ago. He then goes on to say that "scientists who claim that the Earth is billions of years old, have an agenda." If that's not the coffee calling the kettle black. Creationists say that Evolution is the denial of faith.
Creationists have nothing but an agenda. Their own. The ideas that God is infallible and that only their way matters. That their way is the truth. I'm an Atheist and I'm proud to be one. That being said, I don't go around preaching my gospel. I don't condemn people for believing in God or fucking taking Christ as their savior. That's your fucking business. And I have only this to say about that, "mind your fucking business." Cause if I get approached about my thoughts, my beliefs, I'm gonna fucking snap. The bible, is a nice story. That's what it is, a fucking story. Cause you people take it as the word of God. But one can't hear God. That's an impossibility. To hear God would mean death. No mortal can hear the voice of God. Those that do are hearing the voices in their head. I'm not saying good hasn't come from those that do believe. Quite the opposite in a lot of cases. People who have that kind of faith and do good acts without pushing their agenda have my respect. Those that push their agenda and do no good acts have my disdain, and my contempt. You're fucking carpet baggers. And you should be treated as such.
You want an act of pure faith. That was me having cancer, and never. Not one fucking time, praying or asking for some sort of intervention. You mother fuckers can keep telling me that God spared me and all that shit, but in truth, it was the medical degrees and manners of the doctors, nurses and all those involved. But most of all and especially my will power. I knew I was gonna live. And I knew nothing could keep from living my life. And nothing will. Not cancer. Not depression. Not your God or your savior. You live your way. I'll live mine.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fuzzyface production notes pt. 8

SO as to keep everyone abreast of what has been going on in the world of creating comics, I just finished the pencils for page 23 last night. I began the night as I begin so many Wednesday nights with chicken wings at Rocco's Little Chicago with Venus of Necro. After wards, Venus and I went to Ave Coffee for sketchbook, where she looked at the finished layouts and the finished pages, plus the newly inked cover art for the book. She approves vastly of all the work, and asked a few questions which we sorted through. She is very excited to see this monumental story hit the comic book racks. She is worried about one thing however; that people will feel that this is a slam on Jim Henson. I assured her that we could do away with those worries if she wrote the intro to the book. She's super busy with work and being pregnant right now that she may not be able to meet that deadline. I hit a friend, Henry to possibly write it too. He in interested. And I told him the only things he has to put in there for sure is that this is my attempt to pay tribute to a man who brought light and happiness to so many people. Jim Henson, in my mind is a god. He took a piece of fabric and turned it into a whole universe. Through what is fondly referred to as "Muppetry," Jim Henson made my childhood, and those of so many others a happy thing to remember. His work on such visionary films as Return to Oz, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth paved the way for so many new ideas in the industry. And The Muppet Show was the first and only of its kind. A weekly variety show starring Muppets and their crazy antics. In fact the only thing pissing me off about it at the moment is that Muppets is not a recognized word here on the spell check. Muppet, singular, however is. How odd.
No, Fuzzyface is not a slam on Jim Henson in any way shape or form. I think Venus worries about this because of one particular panel, which shows a tombstone with the name J. Henson on it. I assured her that people wouldn't recognize it that way, however some might. And even without the grave marker some people might feel like we're bashing Henson's legacy anyways. Cause people are like that and they perceive things how they may. I don't blame them or get angry about it, cause I mean people look at me and see pigtails and a sidekick and they think a million things other than hey, "there goes a guy who is one of the best caregivers in Tucson," and that maybe it's just the way I choose to look. People always want to think the worst of things right from the jump. So to those of you who may pick up the GN Fuzzyface, let me assure you now, it is, in no way anything other than a personal tribute to the man and the idea that brought happiness to the world.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top 5 Movies list

Following is a list of my top five favorite movies. Compiling this list is tough for me because there are so many movies I love for so many different reasons. The picks on my list might surprise some, who would take one look at me and pass judgment that I could not enjoy a movie with subtitles or subtext. I find it kind of hilarious that just based on my outward appearance and minimal conversation could help justify these individual's opinions. Especially seeing as they pride themselves on being so knowledgeable about so many different things. One being that they are working on the greatest movie to ever be made. Seeing as how they have been "working" on this project for over a decade, and they seem to think they have expertise on the subject simply because they took courses on film and film making in college, befuddles me. I don't claim to be an expert in animation and I got a degree in that, not just took classes involving it. I decided to do this as a sort of challenge taken from someone, due to my distaste for the IMDB Top 250. Which to me seemed to be more a popularity contest than a listing of the actual top 250 movies in terms of quality. I refuse to apologize for believing that nothing Quentin Tarantino directs should ever be placed on anyone's top anything list other than "Top Overrated Pieces of Shit"

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: This 1974 "semi true" movie directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Hooper and Kim Henkel is best viewed on regular dvd, and not bluray. Simply because the bluray makes the picture too clear. And part of the charm and macabre of its appeal is that it's grainy and harsh. This predates Freddy and Jason and even Michael Myers in terms of creating the ultimate believable "heavy" in a horror movie. Leatherface is a guy who can and does feel physical pain and is left with just enough life detail to compel one into feeling some empathy for him, while simultaneously rooting for him to kill the gaggle of hippie scum that have invaded his territory. Cinematographer Daniel Pearl worked with 16mm film and with it weaved an dirty and gritty film closely likened to a snuff film in its frightening realism. My love affair with this film began in 1998 when I first owned it on VHS. I have owned five separate copies of this film, two on tape, two on DVD and one on BluRay. The BluRay adds greatly to the sound and makes the 16mm film super high def. However, I prefer it to be grainy and sometimes hard to see, due to the nature of the story itself. Incidentally Tobe Hooper also scored the movie as well. TCM has spawned a legion of cult fans, three sequels and a revamp with a prequel that adds to the mythos and origin of the greatest slasher who ever lived, Leatherface. This movie has also inspired me to create and do the illustration for my tribute piece Fuzzyface: The Agnew Chainsaw Massacre, which is written by my partner Venus of Necro. The film has also been immortalized on my flesh as I have dedicated skin space to two Texas Chainsaw Massacre tattoos.

2. Amelie: This is possibly the most amazingly filed and written movie I have ever seen. It draws my praise and is as close to perfect as cinema can ever hope to come. There is nothing wrong with this film. All the characterization is perfect. The visuals are stylish and very intriguing. You can watch the movie without reading the subtitles and you will still be amazed at this stupendously written movie. Audrey Tautou is the most likable protagonist in the history of celluloid. She lights up absolutely every scene she is in. The entirety of this film is fun and beautiful. Bruno Delbonnel frames each shot with such clarity and color, that you cannot help but be amazed. This is visually one of the most stunning films I have ever seen, that did not have obvious special effects or CGI involved. This is the purest movie I have ever had the pleasure seeing.

3. Pan's Labyrinth: This stunning visual movie is spawned from the mind of Guillermo del Toro, the man behind the Hellboy films. Del Toro has done so many movies of superb quality, it is hard to pick a favorite. However, Pan's Labyrinth, with it's depth, and relation to fairy tales more in the vein of The Brothers Grimm than Disney is the reason I like it. The visuals in this classic are due to the amazing eye of Guillermo Navarro. Movies like Pan's Labyrinth may fall under the radar to the lowest common denominator, but its depth and passion are not lost on me. I first viewed this film at the behest of a girlfriend. And I am very glad she compelled me to watch it. And while watching this amazing story you are drawn in and you feel as if you are the only one watching, as if it is a story book and you are a child with the covers pulled up over your head, living it with the aide of a flashlight. Del Toro may be more famous and made his proverbial living by doing big budget flicks like Hellboy and Hellboy the Golden Army, and Blade 2, but his passion for his work is obvious in these very personal moments captured on film.

4. Leon: Luc Besson writes and directs this masterpiece of film making about a very simple hitman and the strange relationship he forms with a young girl. Jean Reno stars as Leon, the hitman who has standards. The only rule he lives by "no women, no kids." Reno was born to play Leon. He makes you care for this very sympathetic character. Even though he kills people for a living, you believe because Reno puts passion into Leon. You truly know that all the people who he "hits" are very bad people. Leon unwittingly is the target of the affections of his next door neighbor,
Matilda, played beautifully and above her years in Natalie Portman. This was Portman's first film, and she made you believe she was Matilda, a naive yet wise beyond her years girl. Thierry Abrogast is the Director of Photography, and he shot a beautiful film. From the opening flight over New York into the Macaroni Company, to the final moments of Leon's life, you are drawn into this film. So much so that you can smell the gun powder. The movie has recently been offered on BluRay, and it is truly worthy of high definition. This movie, as do my number 2 and 3 are on the IMDB 250, which is not a surprise given their amazing quality, but it is amazing considering a majority of the tripe that ended up on that list. Rumors have swirled since it hit theatres that Leon would spawn a sequel which would focus on Portman's character, Matilda as a grownup, who takes upon the career of a cleaner.

5. The Wrestler: Darren Aronofsky, director of such dark and disturbing films like Pi and Requiem for a Dream directs the story about a past his prime pro wrestler, Randy "The Ram" Robinson who is played by Mickey Rourke. The film is shot by Maryse Alberti, one of the few female DOP's in the business. The first thing I noticed about this film visually is that it seems to be shot in three different ways. The first being more of a "live" documentary type feel. The second being traditonal cinema in scope. The third, which you may or may not expect is that it is shot differently during the actual wrestling portions of the movie. More in the vein of smaller and intimate old school Extreme Championship Wrestling and less in terms of the high budgeted and multibillion dollar funded WWE events. Rourke's career mirrors that of the protagonist. He's a broken down man, who's best years, money and glory are all behind him. Rourke conveys the life of a downtrodden former star in such a compelling way, that you are lead to believe that this movie is not only how a lot of 1980's wrestling main eventers now live, but anyone who once held the spotlight and is no longer marketable to multibillion dollar companies. Marisa Tomei plays an aging stripper, who rebuffs the romantic advances of Randy, compares his life to that of Christ in "Passion of the Christ." Randy is estranged from his daughter who is played Evan Rachel Wood. The story mirrors the telling of Jake "The Snake" Roberts' life in "Beyond the Mat," the 1999 documentary which followed the lives of three career wrestlers. Roberts' relationship with his daughter was well documented and hard to watch. In "The Wrestler" you feel for Woods' character because you know and witness Robinson's inability to let go of any spotlight he may have left to become just Randy Robinson, father. This is a story that is relates to anyone who has held fame or success, and refuses to let go.